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Terms of Service

Conditions of use.

Use or access to the services provided by bestvitamins.co supposes that the user of bestvitamins.co’s services (hereafter “the User” or “You”) respect the conditions of use outlined below (hereafter “Conditions of Use”). Please read attentively these Conditions of Use, print them, and keep a copy. Additionally, the use of certain services can imply Your acceptance of specific conditions, a licence for the use or a usage guide which is available on the pages regarding these services.

If You do not accept the Conditions of Use, You must disconnect from bestvitamins.co immediately.


The results provided to You are not an exhaustive list of all the offers available on the internet and is provided through data collected by bestvitamins.co from listed Merchants.

Periodical updating of the data occurs according to the type of data; which varies according to merchants and their respect of the technical requirements of bestvitamins.co, with a maximum of 24 hours, except for weekends and public holidays.

If You then wish to buy the good or service that You have selected, You must then access the site of the Merchant of Your choice.

Merchants are third parties. When You use the services offered by a Merchant, and, notably, when You access their website from bestvitamins.co to purchase a good or service, You agree to abide by their Conditions of Use, as bestvitamins.co is a third party to Your relations with the Merchant. In the same way, in the event that one of these products is ordered, and after acceptance of this order by the Merchant concerned, the price indicated on the Merchant’s site at the time of Your sale will apply.

Bestvitamins.co can also present You with promotional links, also called sponsored links, advertising messages or promotions identified as “advertising” or “sponsors”, which You may encounter when using our Service.

Your contractual relations with bestvitamins.co are dictated exclusively by these Conditions of Use. Your relations with Merchants and/or Advertisers will be dictated by their respective contracts.

The Services are for the exclusive use of physical persons in a non-professional capacity. You are not permitted therefore to engage in commercial activity or seek profit from the Services or access to the Services.

In order to use the Services, through Your computer or through other means, You must have access to the internet with the appropriate connection speed. Any fees incurred from Your access are Your responsibility. Additionally, You must provide Your own hardware devices necessary to access the internet. It is Your responsibility to ensure that Your hardware devices and programs do not interfere with the services provided by bestvitamins.co.


Bestvitamins.co cannot be held responsible for the presentation of products and services offered by the Merchant, for the order or the use of products from Merchants listed on our site.


The offer of services on bestvitamins.co is evolving in nature and bestvitamins.co will bring about the release of new Services, but also, should the need arise, to delete some of them or modify the characteristics of existing Services, according to the conditions outlined below. Bestvitamins.co can also modify these Conditions of Use without notice.


The Services as well as all the software tools used by bestvitamins.co in relation to the Services contain confidential information which is protected, notably by the right to intellectual property. Bestvitamins.co cedes to You the right for personal use, inalienable and non-exclusive of the Services, and You are not permitted to copy, modify, integrate the technical elements of the Services in a derived work, to use reverse engineering (given that in any case, Bestvitamins.co will engage to provide, within reason, the information necessary for the interoperability of programs on demand, depending on motivation and circumstances) or to implement any other method to attempt to access the source code or protocols. You accept not to access the Service by any means other than the interface offered to You by bestvitamins.co to this effect.

You also recognise that all the content presented on the bestvitamins.co website, including content of third parties, are protected by royalties, copyright, trademarks, licensing rights, and any other intellectual property right recognised by law.

You are not permitted, therefore, to reproduce, imitate and use in any way, all or part of the content protected by intellectual property rights without having prior express authorisation from the copyright owners.


You expressly recognize and accept that:

The free service is designed for non-professional, reasonable and normal use for the maximum number of users

With regard to the nature of the services, and certain constraints (notably maintenance), bestvitamins.co cannot guarantee continuity of the Services. In the event of an interruption of the Services, bestvitamins.co will put into place all reasonable measures to remedy it in the shortest time possible.

Bestvitamins.co will make its best effort to provide the most recent and accurate information and data, notably, price, on goods and services listed on our website. However, as this information and data are given to use either by listed Merchants or by a listing agreement, bestvitamins.co cannot guarantee that the information to be accurate or exhaustive.

In the case of a discrepancy between the data displayed on the bestvitamins.co website and those displayed on the Merchant’s website, the latter will prevail.


Bestvitamins.co’s responsibility in providing its services cannot be engaged unless in the case of fault proven by the User and only for direct damages.

Additionally, bestvitamins.co cannot be held responsible for, including but not restricted to: indirect damages, loss of profit, clientele data or information during the professional or commercial use of bestvitamins.co. Bestvitamins.co cannot, in any way, be held responsible for orders or investment decisions based on information provided by the Service.


The limits of bestvitamins.co’s rights recognised in applying these conditions does not, in any case, constitute a renunciation to exercise its legal rights.

In the event that one of the scenarios in these Conditions of Use is overruled by a judicial decision, this decision will not revoke the validity of other arrangements, which will continue to apply.

The titles of the articles are only indicative.

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